Push-Up Trainers®

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Push-up trainers are perfect to train your chest doing different kinds of bendings in total security.
You can train all chest's parts : biceps , triceps and pectorals , but it is also useful for training of shoulders and back.
It improves muscolar power and the strenght of the high part of body, but also the stomach thanks to their type of training.
Easy to transport thanks to their size ( like all our tools ) they have a rubber base to adapt themself to all kinds of floor , you want to train yourself in your home or outside? No problem with these tools you can do it everywhere!


Anti-Skid handles to guarantee the tool more compactness and stability, for an iron grip.


    Adjustable position thanks to its base dinamicity to train all the high part of the body. Lather handles to have more confort. Their form and their composition reduce the stress on your wrists.


Multiple uses for different trainings to boost up different body areas.


Realized on purpose to have more results and an high level of chest training than the classic methods.

Easy to transport thanks to its size.